Hobbies & Passions

Automobile Enthusiasts

Automobile enthusiasts are people who love cars or motorcycles. Their cars are priceless to them - typically they have a car or motorcycle more expensive than their lifestyle can afford.

These enthusiasts are always informed on the latest car/motorcycle models and automotive technical innovations.They often frequent shows, testing new cars, even when they are not on the market for purchase. They read car magazines, visit websites and watch videos on YouTube about cars. Automobile enthusiasts constantly maintain their vehicles whether for polishing, spark plugs, new speakers, etc. Often the go-to person for car information, they advise their family and friends on the best cars to buy and how to maintain them.

Offline Media

TV/Cable: Auto/motorcycle shows, programs dedicated to vehicle repair

Printed: Car and motorcycle magazines, reading material about mechanics.

Advertiser examples

  • Original equipment manufacturers