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Remarketing: A Highly Targeted Audience for a Winning Conversion Rate!

In 2017, about 70% of users did not directly convert when visiting websites. Users take nearly twenty actions before finalizing a purchase. That's why remarketing is a powerful tool to increase your Return On Investment and conversion rate. Be present for your users while they browse the internet!

Remarketing at the Service of Your KPI's

Remarketing is a simple strategy. You simply re-invite visitors to your site or application by communicating with users already aware of your offer via a new advertisement, for example: a banner. This strategy allows you to remain in the mind of your prospect and he/she ideally clicks on your banner and returns to your site. Furthermore, it generates highly qualified traffic towards your web page, increasing its notoriety. Conversion, retention or loyalty, whatever your goal, remarketing is essential to complete your digital strategy.

Cyberpublicity's Remarketing Method

A successful remarketing campaign requires SEM expertise. Trust our specialists to create optimized campaigns:

  • ​Developing a Plan: Setting Goals, Budget and Schedule
  • Selection and creation of advertising formats: we use the standard advertising formats given by the IAB
  • Creating and configuring display campaigns
  • Integration and uploading
  • Reporting and optimization: Our consultants provide monthly campaign updates and regular optimizations in complete transparency with you

Don't hesitate to give your visitors a second chance to convert. Our remarketing experts assist you in defining your goals and creating successful remarketing advertising. By increasing your visibility with visitors during the purchase process and with users that have shown an interest in your business, you will significantly increase your conversion rate!

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