Internet Advertising

Programmatic Advertising

Over the years, programmatic and real-time bidding have transformed online marketing practices. These efficient and effective technologies have expanded the entire online advertising system. In order to meet the demands of the growing consumption of digital media, advertising managers are encouraging brands to shift their TV campaign investments to online and mobile formats.

Reach Audiences With Custom Targeting

Real-time insights on online consumer behaviors help identify target audiences with precision and on a variable scale.

Programmatic specifically targets the most relevant and receptive audiences. It's more precise than demographic targeting (sex, age, income), and more advantageous than other solutions. Audiences are targeted based on specific characteristics such as lifestyle and interests aligned with brand image. In addition, it's possible to target consumers belonging to competitor brands in order to redirect them to your offers.

Reaching consumers individually can produce custom messages to each customer segment. For example, to increase the impact of its Halal product line, a food brand can launch a campaign that will be exclusively marketed to the segment interested by this type of offer. The campaign running for specialty or niche products will not interfere with the campaigns running for traditional products - making it easy to measure the goals for each customer group.

It's an additional point of contact to reinforce marketing ads at any time with audiences already affected by offline campaigns (TV, Radio & Print).

Customers are reached individually wherever and whatever type of media is consumed. It's a transparent and evolving solution. If a brand's goal is to create an emotional connection with their audience, they can tailor messages to ideal ad formats for each campaign. From video format to interactive formats called "High impact" or enhancing a campaign with standard display ads across the web, mobile, social networks and within mobile applications.

Accompany Users From Discovery to the Purchase Phase

Consumers are guided throughout their entire journey, including the purchase phase. The first step is to increase your brand's visibility and awareness through demographic and psychographic broadcasts.Next, is to generate interest and brand image by using contextual and behavioral targeting. This makes it possible to reach consumers with an interest in your brand or other similar brand types. The final step is to emphasize a purchase by retargeting consumers who have already interacted with previous broadcasts. It's possible to maintain a dialogue with each customer or potential customer throughout the purchase cycle.