Over the past few years, programmatic marketing and real-time bidding have caused a paradigm shift in the online marketing ecosystem. Thanks to the digital revolution, advertising managers have pushed their traditional television and print advertising budgets towards online and mobile platforms.

Reach your target customer:

Thanks to real-time consumer behaviour reports, it is now much easier to identify your target audience.

You can target your customers demographically. However, with programmatic advertising, you’ll also be able to choose your audience according to their lifestyle and interests, enabling you to speak to customers who are aligned with your brand image. You’ll also be able to target your competition’s customers by designing your ads and promotions to attract them!

Having the ability to target your customers individually gives you the flexibility to adapt your message to each customer segment. For example, if their objective is to increase their Halal product line numbers, a supermarket chain could launch a campaign and target it exclusively to the customer segment that is interested in that type of product. This niche campaign won’t interfere with their traditional campaigns. This strategy will also allow the chain to measure the impact and number of impressions for each campaign in their respective segment.

This is another way for you to strengthen your marketing plan and continue communicating with an audience that has already been exposed to your offline campaigns (TV, radio, print, etc.)

You are now able to reach your customers wherever they are, and to use the media outlets they are exposed to. This is a transparent, and constantly evolving solution. If your campaign objective is to to create an emotional bond with your audience, you can adapt your message to fit the ad format best suited for each individual goal you set. Videos, interactive formats, and even standard display ads will help your campaign evolve through the online, mobile, social media, and mobile application frameworks.

Being present with users from when they discover you to the moment they make a purchase.

It is possible to guide visitors through the purchasing process until it is finally completed. The first step consists in increasing your visibility and notoriety by exposing your ads to a large demographic. Then, we’ll stimulate their interest and build your image by using contextual and behavioural targeting. That way, you’ll be able to attract customers who are already interested in a certain brand or product line. The last step is to finalize the purchasing process by retargeting customers who have been exposed to your ads in the past. Nowadays, it is possible to maintain a dialogue with each customer throughout the purchasing process.