Programmatic marketing

Be there at the right moment on every device and every channel

Programmatic buying becan with open exchanges and real time bidding, but it has rapidly grown past that. Direct programmatic buying methods were conceived to answer the needs of brand purchasers. A diverse inventory is now available for display, mobile, and video. With its growth trajectory, programmatic buying for mobile and for video will soon be able to answer all inventory demands for all devices.

Reach the public on all devices

Programmatic buying helps brands interest the public wherever it is at any given time. The most appropriate impression for a brand campaign can be on any given device, whether it's a smartphone, a tablet, a PC screen, or a channel such as displays, mobile web, an integrated app or video.

Because programmatic buying affects all devices, channels, and content, it might just be a question of deciding in real time to show a mobile video ad to one person, while showing a display ad on a tablet to another, by choosing which would have the best impact. Programmatic buying will help you reach a public with devices and channels. The emergence of a select inventory available to them thanks to programmatic buying will allow brands the possibility to connect to their public in an environment that's secure for the brands. Also, because all channels, such as televisions, recently became available to programmatic buying, brands will see their success rate improve thanks to this variety of choice. In a close future, brands will use programmatic buying to choose between all channels and devices to connect to the right person, at the right time, at the right context.

75% of marketers and marketing agencies believe that an integrated platform can answer all their marketing needs.

"Unraveling the Digital Display Industry: Understanding the Tools and Benefits of Digital Marketing," Illuminas and DoubleClick, December 2013

Why is this important?

Making programmatic advertising can help us deliver the brand's message on any device in the most important moment, using the unique feature of each device. Brands no longer have to device where their message will be best received. Instead, their ads can reach each person of their audience in a fluid manner, at the best time, place, and channel for that person. If it happens in the morning on a smartphone using Youtube, then programmatic buying can deliver a mobile video ad. If it happens during a large scale television programme, a tablet, or a news site, then programmatic buying can deliver an HTML5 ad. Moreover, because the public constantly adopts new types of connected devices to browse for content, programmatic technologies will adapt to it.

Important: If your brand looks at search, display, mobile, and video separately, then you aren't thinking like your customers.

How to succeed?

1. Transition from digital buying to programmatic buying

Think about using programmatic buying whenever it's possible for digital purchasing. Depending on the desired control and scale combination, brands can use the option of optimal buying, whether it's for public sales or direct programmatic buying.

Programmatic becomes premium: The number of private trades working on Google systems has almost doubled year after year.

Google Internal Data, Q3 2014.

2. Unite the search, mobile and video campaigns

Programmatic helps brands focus on their public, instead of on specific content or channels. The availability of mobile & video programmatic has increased dramatically, so enjoy the practical access you have to these high impact channels through programmatic buying.

Mobile Programmatic: Projected growth of 297% in the mobile programmatic industry in 2014

"Worldwide and U.S. Real-Time Bidding Forecast" IDC, Nov 2013

3. Have a lot of advertising content ready

Create dynamic ads for all types of advertising content, using HTML5 so that they're legible on all screens, and build video screens and publish video ads for programmatic placement. Use programmatic buying to distribute the ads. Look for any occasion to join creation elements to direct programmatic transaction.