Programmatic marketing

Case Study: Burberry

In 2013, luxury fashion brand Burberry has delivered Burberry Kisses, a nice emotional experience on devices, directed inspiringly with HTML5 and programmatic buying. The campaign had "kisses" on the desktop, and large mobile ads that gave users the possibility to send messages to their loved ones, sealed with their own kisses. Burberry had negotiated programmatic agreements with certain editors for this campaign. Thanks to HTML5 creation, Burberry was able to deliver this experience on a large scale, like a real winner. "Create the ad once, distribute it everywhere." The campaign had reached a high engagement level, with people in over 13 000 cities who had sent kisses during the first 10 days. It also created over 250,000 searches for the keyword: "Burberrry Kisses".

13 000 cities had sent a kiss during the first 10 days

250 000 searches for "Burberry Kisses" on