L'achat programmatique: guide avec études de cas

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Talk Talk

One of the largest broadband & voice suppliers in the UP, TalkTalk Telecom Group, and their design agency 22Design, used and purchased the HTML5 design & programmatic language to improve its campaign performance across all devices. The goal was to increase the range and reduce costs. Noticing that Flash ads weren’t effective on mobile, TalkTalk realised that it was showing static, non-optimal images to their public. To correct it, 22Design used Google Web Designer as well as the DoubleClick Digital Network to create and execute ads with HTML5 instead of Flash. This has reduced backup images from 7% to 0.5%, and created a new inventory item, programmatic content for mobile devices. TalkTalk expanded its programmatic buying strategy which has reduced the effective cost per acquisition of the campaign by 12%. 

97% reduction of backup images

12% reduction in cost per acquisition

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