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Programmatic Ads with case studies

Loving your brand. A held promise.

It's a truly remarkable time in the Web Marketing world. Brands can create interest for their products, win new customers, and have admirers that will mobilize the public and engage them when it matters most. Ideally, brands should be attentive to their audience in real time with highly relevant messages and great creativity. Today, brands can attain this ideal thanks to programmatic buying, which allows them to get the best out of all the options available when it's time to reach their audience.

Programmatic buying helps brands use technology and ideas in order to adapt their messages to the right person, the right time, and the right context. It helps brands respond to events in real time on impression by impression basis on-screen and on all other information media. For example, a mother's online shopping is interrupted by chores, programmatic buying can help the retailer reach her on her cell phone at the moment she's ready to start her offline chores. This is one of many scenarios that brands can use to encourage customers to buy programmatically.

Programmatic buying has first been effective during direct marketing campaigns. Enormous progress has been accomplished in the goal to progress the programming technology to answer brand needs. There needed to be progress in areas such as brand valuation, inventory quality, and creative flexibility to clear the way for brand programmatic campaigns. Today, the main challenge is to get it adopted across all brands.

During the next decade, we will be increasingly close to our ultimate goal in digital advertising: to execute brand campaigns that are highly relevant, creative, flexible, and measurable to scale, with a high level of effectiveness.

To help put you into context and shine some light as to how you can successfully adopt programmatic buying as marketing professionals, we're happy to share our guide with you through some case studies.

On n'a jamais été aussi proche de la promesse ultime d'une publicité de marque à l'ère numérique.

Sean Downey (Managing Director, Americas) in Platform Solutions & Innovation, DoubleClick