Programmatic marketing

The real opportunity to create unified digital creative experiences across all channels

Adding your efforts to an integrated platform can help brands become successfully established. Integration maximises the public's ideas, improves the brand's results, and increases operational effectiveness by helping brands tell cohesive stories that cover several points of contact through a multitude of channels and devices. Moreso, a unified platform can help prevent silos around the way that brands purchase, the channels they use, the experiences they create for devices and even the areas where they operate. Altogether, it concentrates the brand's efforts in order to win when it counts the most.

Execute with integrated technology

When programmatic is made on an integrated platform, it can create a brand messaging system that is more efficient for the public through various channels and devices. Integrated technology significantly improves the value of the public's ideas and the ad creativity by helping brands evolve, purchase, activate, and measure media on a global scale in real time.

75 of merchants and marketing agencies believe that an integrated platform can answer all their market needs.

"Unraveling the Digital Display Industry: Understanding the Tools and Benefits of Digital Marketing," Illuminas and DoubleClick, December 2013

Why is this important?

Technology optimises digital investments by synchronising their efforts to obtain more complete public ideas, better brand results, and a more effective usage of market resources. This helps digital media to be purchased, optimised, and measured on all channels, including search, display, mobile, and video. MOreso, it helps brands make better decisions by providing a unified view of the public's engagement throughout all its channels. By working with a platform that integrates digital marketing efforts, brands are directed towards the Holy Grail that helps with connecting to users in a transparent way throughout all channels and optimise the various media.

Technological buffer areas can fragment your efforts and harm your success rate

Brands have numerous digital marketing solutions to choose from. The average number of advertising technology platforms deployed by organisations has increased to 4.7 in 2013, according to a study by research firm Illuminas. There might be a lot of garbage in the broadcasting efforts on many platforms. Moreover, only 51% of buyers believe that they fully use the capability of their existing systems. Source: "Unraveling the Digital Display Industry: Understanding the Tools and Benefits of Digital Marketing," Illuminas and DoubleClick, December 2013

Integrated technology can rationalise the efforts and maximise success

Integrated technology accelerates the process and makes it easier for marketing teams by providing them a unified view of the public's engagement. The Boston Consulting Group realised that ad agencies have over 25 failure elements and frustrations in managing digital advertising campaigns. The study also demonstrated that a unified platform can greatly improve the effectiveness of production flow - more than 33$ - which makes campaign management a great success. Source: "Unraveling the Digital Display Industry: Understanding the Tools and Benefits of Digital Marketing," Illuminas and DoubleClick, December 2013

How to succeed?

1. Identify a privileged partner for programmatic buying

Use an integrated programming buying approach in order to establish relevance, real time attractive creations, while exuding maximum value for each marketing dollar. Begin by identifying a preferred programmatic partner who can evolve in all media and operation units so that you'll get a unique point of contact that can inform you of the truths of digital marketing. Even with programmatic buying, disparate and separate platforms can minimise the efforts and reduce the global and unified approach goal to nothing.

2. Integrate programmatic buying to large scale efforts

Unifying marketing efforts with an integrated platform that allows for programmatic buying management in a digital context that includes search, reservation display, mobile, and video. Because the digital landscape is constantly evolving, use a neutral and open platform that allows for new component integration, to respond to unique marketing needs as they evolve. With this, obtain a source of public ideas, a dashboard from which you can launch campaigns, and produce unified reports on channels, devices, and content. This allows marketers to take a step forward towards the unification of budgets of the various digital information channels and optimise them in a transparent way.

3. Reiterate through testing

Utilize programmatic buying to test new ideas, collect comments, and act quickly on the results. Try to reach the public by programming as if it was a focus group and test ideas on a small scale before going further. Use a real time feedback loop to its maximum advantage.