Programmatic marketing

Programmatic buying is a paradigm shift, forward thinking and measurable

The measurability for programmatic buying helps brands profoundly understand the impact of their digital marketing efforts in real time and to act on it. Innovation in measuring, such as legibility, digital BPR's, brand growth, dynamic search reach, and attribution modernisation transformed brand measuring to a force in the digital age. The global goal for brand measuring in the digital age is to be as realisable as a direct response is today. These innovations help brands directly approach this goal.

Measure the impact

Brands can get better answers to their questions and make better decisions than ever with the abundance of public ideas and campaigns possible through programmatic buying. In the brand measurement domain, brands can finally know if their ads have been seen and have reached the target audience. They have consumer feedback. In the attribution domain, it's now possible to analyse the trends in purchasing and understand which of the various points of contact for the public influence them the most. Moreover, brands now have access to measuring and attribution solutions focused on the user first.

User First

Measuring solutions have to be entrenched in the public's ideas.


Industry must collaborate with available, universal and significant measuring.


Solutions must include real time measures that allow brands to optimise their campaigns on the spot.

84% of marketing & advertising professionals declare that better measuring can increase digital spending by 25% or more

"Brand Measurement" Sterling Research commissioned by Google, November 2013

Why is this important?

Brands know that measuring is important, because they use it to evaluate their media investments and improve their media and creation strategies. These days, measuring the speed and direction is possible thanks to programmatic buying and integrated platforms. These advertising technologies create a real time feedback loop that helps brands make each impression and each digital interaction smarter than the last one. Brands are no longer satisfied with daily reports, programmatic technology creates automatic optimisation on information in real time!

The Chrome browser has maximised the brand's visibility by targeting ActiveView data from DoubleClick. Impressions have almost doubled whereas those of the CPM have dropped by 50%

Google Internal Data Q3 2014

How to succeed?

1. Place your ads well in view

Use programmatic buying to target impressions that are able to be seen and ensure that they are. More precisely, display targeting is counted as being legible when 50% of an ad is viewed on a screen for at least 1 second.

Did you know that 56.1% of all impressions are not viewed. Whereas the average visibility of the editor is of 50.2%.

"The Importance of Being Seen: Viewability Insights for Digital Marketers and Publishers" study, Google, November 2014

2. Understand the extent of the public and what it comprises

Use an integrated digital BPR tool to check if the campaigns reach the right public in real time and adjust them if it's not the case.

3. Measure brand growth in real time

Use integrated polling equipment to retroactively look at real time at brand recognition growth. Use the results to learn, for example what maximises recall rate and which public creates the most brand growth. Also, research what search lever describes how brand ads create a behavioural change in the searches between the various audiences. Check which ads resonated more than just with traditional clicks and conversions by measuring the intention by form of incremental related searches. Share polling extent results with creation and strategic brand teams to iterate and improve digital campaigns.

4. Use a personalized attribution model

Invest in personalized multi channel attribution models to understand all digital points of contact, and how they're attached to conversions. Test personalized models to test which has the most precise vision of the points of contact that create most audience engagement.