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Catherine Lariviere is an Adwords specialist at CyberPublicity. She is an Arts and Marketing graduate from H.E.C at the University of Montreal. She is passionate about web marketing and is an expert in creating effective campaigns and strategies for CyberPublicity's customers. Catherine is an avid cyclist and an outdoor enthusiast. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, playing piano and saxophone.


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Web Marketing

How to Manage E-Reputation

  • Dec. 8, 2017

In today’s digital era, no company is immune to user reactions online and through social media networks. E-reputation is crucial to a company’s brand and should be maintained on a daily basis.  Despite constant engagement, negative feedback is normal, since "any web space or brand on social networks becomes a space of expression between the brand and its consumers or other company stakeholders" (Réguer,121).  E-reputation can be managed by investing time or outsourcing an external resource to handle the online reputation of the brand. How to react? Why does advertising generate negative comments from consumers ? What are the elements ...

Web Marketing

Build a custom strategy with Adwords and DATA

  • Nov. 17, 2017

When creating traditional or digital marketing campaigns, it's important to segment information. The data collected from digital marketing, offers the opportunity to customize content and obtain additional information - thoroughly understanding the segments . Data and digital tools have the capacity to offer personalized possibilities. There are three types of data that are used for different marketing purposes and that, in my experience, make it possible to build custom strategies effectively: Primary data (Internal data) Secondary Data (Primary data belonging to another enterpris Tertiary Data (Data from data provider - Google Adwords) When creating campaigns, ad group division is required ...

Web Marketing

Why Choose Responsive Ads on the Google Display Network?

  • Nov. 6, 2017

Since fall 2016, the Display Network has been offering a responsive ad format that is aimed at creating optimal user experience. Discover how you can earn quality views and results. What is a Responsive Ad? Responsive ads offer more flexibility than display ads because they automatically adjust their size, appearance and format to fit any advertising space. They can adapt into text ads or image ads. Moreover, these ads are adapted to websites ; offering target audiences a more natural and visually appealing look. Adwords increases your campaign performance and visibility by  placing the right ad at the right time ...

Internet Advertising

Why Choose a Remarketing Strategy?

  • June 6, 2017

To use a successful remarketing strategy, you need to set and understand your business goals first. In doing so, you will be able to implement strategies that will not only reach your targets but may exceed projected target audience expectations. Do you want to increase your traffic? Do you want more conversions and return on investment (ROI)? Discover how remarketing aims at accomplishing just this. What is remarketing? Remarketing is a targeting strategy (or rather retargeting) used on the Google Display network. This is a way to show your ads (text or banners) to users who have already visited your ...

Internet Advertising

3 Benefits of The Google Display Network

  • May 26, 2017

What are the business advantages of being on the Google Display Network? Affecting more than 90% of internet users, the Display Network gives you the advantage of having access to a wide audience! The Display Network is favorable to your company for many reasons. It's an effective way to acquire brand awareness, increase your sales and retain your target audience. Now, how to use it? 3 Benefits of The Google Display Network : 1. Develop your reputation Objective : You want to promote your business, products and services while developing a positive reputation with your target audience. Creating Powerful Ads In order ...

Internet Advertising

Why Choose The Google Display Network?

  • May 1, 2017

When talking about results oriented online referencing, the first thing that comes to mind is Google Adwords. Did you know that Google's Display Network extends beyond Adwords? Learn how to take advantage of the network, bring your business forward and increase sales! What is the Google Display Network? The Display Network is a multifunctional search network composed of several thousand partner sites. It's vast capacity allows you to efficiently broadcast your text ads and ads in other formats: images, videos and rich media. With the Display Network, you can place your ads on multiple, relevant websites according to your target ...

Internet Advertising

The 4 Best Practices for Your Google AdWords Text Ads

  • Dec. 6, 2016

Google has recently modified its traditional Adwords Ads to "Expanded Text Ads" . This ad format allows you to have a description with 45 additional characters as well as an additional URL field. During a webinar broadcast aired on December, 1st, 2016, The Academy On Air team discussed the important of text ads.  Show the right message at the right time Remember, Google shows the most relevant and comprehensive ads to its users. The idea Extended ads are now twice the size, allowing users the ability to maximize visibility on search results. The additional characters available in the new Adwords format are ...