1. Create the Perfect Landing Page

Fanny Sadoule
  • Dec. 22, 2016

The landing page is essential for your SEO presence and acquisition strategy as it allows you to get users to perform actions on your site. Unfortunately, many companies tend to neglect their landing page-not exploiting their full potential.

The misconception that company homepages are most important can have devastating effects on overall performance. Internet users access websites from different pages, depending on their search. Landing pages should not be overlooked if you want to expand traffic to your website and acquire more customers.

Today, we will explore how to create the perfect landing page for your SEO strategy.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page on which a user lands after typing specific keywords.

Companies use this method to direct users to specific, pertinent pages and not to the homepage. When searching for information, redirecting users to pages that interest them is a more efficient use of resources. It will reduce the amount of clicks performed and the bounce rate of your website (percentage of Internet users who have entered a web page and left without consulting other pages).

For example, a landing page created for the search "multicoloured light garland" should be synchronized to the product page showing different multicoloured garlands on the website.

The page should correspond exactly to the search requested by the user, giving him/her a choice between the products proposed to them.

What is a landing page for?

The main purpose of a landing page is to increase the conversion rate on your website. To do this successfully, you will have to define the objectives of your individual landing pages:

  • Collecting coordinates via forms
  • Purchases
  • Increase in telephone calls
  • Submission requests
  • PDF Downloads, white paper, etc.
  • Registrations for an event
  • etc.

Creating landing pages for your various services or products will develop your natural SEO and increase the traffic to your website. Due to the multiplication of pages, each page will correspond to a specific request. In addition, you can increase the number of keywords used, allowing you to stand out amongst your competitors on the search engine.

When creating web advertisements such as Search Engin Advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook and/or Twitter), emailing or banners (Remarketing and programmatic advertising), a landing page can be used. People who click on your ad will be directed to a page on your website designed for that purpose and not on the homepage.

How to create an effective landing page?

To create an effective landing page, one must respect certain standards.

A simple, organized and illustrated page

The landing page should be clear and organized in order to make it intriguing for your target audience. Generally, it's preferable to keep the same graphic charter as your entire website.

The design of your page should highlight calls to action (buttons, forms, etc.) and should be easily legible for the user.

Don't hesitate to leave space between paragraphs, it's better to have an an openly structured page. Your vocabulary must be rich, clear and varied. This tactic will allow you to highlight several phrases or keywords corresponding to the theme of your page and optimize your SEO. Select the best images and add them to your page in order to respect the ratio text/images.

Your landing page should contain an eye-catching title that includes the keywords or phrases you want to reference. When your title matches the user's search, you will instantly appear on the search engines. This technique will help integrate buttons to your social networks or in your Landing Page.


It is imperative for your website to be responsive so it can be read on all mobile terminals (tablets,mobiles). A responsive website is built to offer optimal user experience and facilitates the user's navigation.

Since April 21, 2015, mobile compatible pages are favored in SEO by Google. The number of internet mobile users exceeded that of desktop users. It is necessary to optimize the layout of your site and to create a responsive design so that your site is accessible on all mobile terminals.


Build your reputation and cultivate your credibility! It's important to reassure the user who's interested in your website. For this, you can showcase customer testimonials, certifications, business cases, etc.


Call-to-action buttons are critical in a landing page. Since their function is to prompt the user to perform an action, they must be visible and stand out from the rest of the page (by colour and size). You need to identify the strategic locations for your buttons to convert. We advise placing them above the waterline (imaginary line below the content of the page that is visible only if you scroll down the page). Furthermore, it's wise to use action verbs on your call-to-action buttons such as "send", "test", etc. This will ensure that clients have an overview of what they are going to get from this action.

Later, we will explore solutions that can help test the location of your call-to-action and judge the effectiveness of your landing pages.


The forms on your landing pages can help increase conversions. However, you have to simplify your forms as much as possible so that users want to fill them. To do this, your form must contain approximately 4-5 fields. For instance, name, mail, telephone and message are can be used to complete the fields. This strategy allows you to get qualified contacts that you can contact later and convert into customers.

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