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Remarketing is a marketing tool used to target your website and mobile app users. Your illustrated ads will appear on Facebook, YouTube, Gmail and millions of other websites. This is a great way to increase your online presence, sales, and customer retention rate.

CyberPublicity will help make sure your customers see you even after they’ve left your website, through ads geared specifically towards them.


Why you should use remarketing:
Remarketing can be used for various reasons. Whether your goal is to increase your website traffic, sales, customer conversion rate, brand awareness, or newsletter subscriptions, remarketing is an extremely important tool that will help keep you top of mind for your customers.

A winning strategy: search marketing (AdWords and SEO) combined with remarketing.

CyberPublicity can create a personalized ad that is designed to catch your target customer’s eye, and keep showing it to the customer throughout their browsing experience across other websites they will visit after leaving yours, using remarketing. This way, your customers get a second chance to purchase your product after having manifesting their interest by clicking on one of your search engine marketing ads. Remember: by increasing your exposure to customers is the best way to convert and retain them !