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Yury Sapko
I have worked in many industries: Retail, Warehousing, Telecommunications, IT, Masonry, Restaurants, Garage Storage & Organization, Industrial Automation, Licensed Sports, and most recently Advertising. I'm able to connect with my customers so well because I'm able to put myself in their position. I'm not only an advertising executive, I'm a member of their team. That's why I create & maintain a stable & profitable relationship with my clients!
Internet Advertising

Why choose a Google Partner?

  • Nov. 3, 2016

In today's global, digital age, advertising and marketing has steered away from traditional methods. Before the internet boom, having a brand meant a few ads and a good slogan. Today's reality is very different. A business must have a global strategy: web sites, blogs, social media presence, etc - making your goals harder to achieve. Growing your brand digitally can be a vague, which is why it's important to find a Google Partner that can work with you to achieve your organizational targets and revenue goals. Why Google? Google is the world's most relevant search engine. Web positioning depends on …

Internet Advertising

How long should your advertising contract be?

  • Oct. 17, 2016

Find out how long an advertising contract should last As a Business Development Director for Cyberpublicity, I come across a variety of objections from my prospects. Some can be refuted, some can't. Success is a numbers game, and I love the game. That being said, there's one particular objection that keeps coming back to haunt me, that I would like to address. "Thanks for calling Yury, but we recently signed a 3 year contract with another agency, so the timing just isn't right" My question is as follows: Why would a company sign a three year contract with an agency? …