• Oct. 17, 2016

Find out how long an advertising contract should last

As a Business Development Director for Cyberpublicity, I come across a variety of objections from my prospects. Some can be refuted, some can't. Success is a numbers game, and I love the game.

That being said, there's one particular objection that keeps coming back to haunt me, that I would like to address.

"Thanks for calling Yury, but we recently signed a 3 year contract with another agency, so the timing just isn't right"

My question is as follows: Why would a company sign a three year contract with an agency?

Is it because everyone signs for 3 years? Do you think long term contracts are better? Or is it because you think you don't have a choice in the matter; wherever you go you'll encounter the same terms, so you don't give them a second thought?

Part of the reason for my success at Cyberpublicity is that I don't lock my customers into a long term deal.  Frankly, going into a meeting knowing that whoever I'm competing against locks their customers into 3 year deals, while I can offer a short contract is a giant weight off my shoulders.

Long term contracts are not an ideal for SMB's and Startups because every dollar counts and bad investments have the potential to ruin your business.

I'm so confident of my expertise and work ethic that I don't need to worry about losing a potential customer after their term ends. Most of them renew after their term ends, and we keep them on a monthly basis. This keeps my customers happy, because they know that their agency always works hard for their business and doesn't just sit on their revenue stream because they have a guaranteed income.

So, what are your thoughts on the matter? Would you sign a 3 year contract for Advertising Services with an agency? Or would you prefer a short term initial deal, and work with a company who appreciates your business and works hard every day to ensure your satisfaction?