Adwords Increases the Number of Characters in its Ads!

  • May 30, 2016

Google Adwords increases the number of characters in its ads! The company recently announced that the character limit of its Adwords ads will be doubled.

What's the difference?

Currently, the character count is limited. Adwords user can allocate a maximum of 35 characters for the description and 25 characters for the headline. These limits will be increased to two lines of 30 characters for the headline and 80 characters for the description.

Better performance?

What sparked the change? Google reviewed the Adwords process to make it more compatible with the mobile industry since more than half of search queries are made from mobile devices. This change was a natural progression and is well aligned with Google's targets.

Will this change increase my click through rate?

The changes made by Google will raise your click through rate due to the increased visibility of your content. Google's estimates that text ad activity will increase by 20%!

When will this change take effect?

Google hasn't officially announced when advertisers will have access to this update. However, we will follow the news closely and update our blog!

What do I need to do to get ready for this change?

A good Quality Score is ideal as it's the most important component of your Adwords account and it's significance will only increase when the new changes are implemented. In fact, here is some literature on the subject to help you learn more:

What will this change look like ?

Here is a visual of what the new changes will look like :

Make sure your ads are optimized and rewritten to get the most out of this new format. Don't forget, Google gives you twice the space, so be ready to use it to its full advantage!