Win the Jackpot with Adwords Express! Reality or Wishful Thinking?

Marc-André Sauvé
  • Oct. 31, 2016

Discover Adwords Express

Google Adwords Express is expensive! Working at CyberPublicity, I talk about web strategies on a daily basis with my customers. Throughout these discussions, Adwords Express is a topic that constantly comes up. I thought it would be interesting to discuss it in depth. Often times, clients who have previously used Adwords Express say it's "not a good investment". This coming directly from my customers. Honestly, I'm not surprised. Can we really see a Return on Investment with Adwords Express? Can we really make a solid ad campaign, without investing too much time or money? 

What is Adwords Express? Here's a brief description: "With Adwords Express, a few clicks are enough to create an ad. Choose your audience, describe your activity in three lines, and define your budget. Adwords Express automatically manages ad placement and the broadcast calendar in your area. You don't need to choose your keywords, or manage your campaign". Doesn't this seem a bit too easy? At CyberPublicity we put in a minimum of 8 hours to create an effective campaign.

Adwords Express targets young businesses who don't necessarily have the funds to hire agencies. The platform allows them to create digital marketing campaigns without spending too much time or money. However, the problem is that this method is not sustainable. Google optimizes your campaign based on the search terms, without human intervention. It targets all keywords, making the success of your campaign a hit or miss. It's like a slot machine in a casino. You put in money until you win. It's a gamble. If you wondering why you should invest with experts, let me tell you, most of the people I've met who used Adwords Express have lost at least 50% of their budget because they don't have the necessary web marketing experience.

PPC advertising can be very frustrating and complex, especially if you want to have an effective campaign targeting the right audience. Adwords Express is an entirely automated solution, missing many key functions of Google Adwords. You can't use extended ads, target the right audience, adjust bids, chose keyword types (broad match, exact phrasing, or exclusions.) By default, all the words are broad matched, so when a customer searches for keywords that you don't service (such as free, job, etc...) with your business, he'll see your ad anyway making that particular click worthless to you. For example, if you're a plumber in Montreal, and someone in Chicoutimi decides to search for plumbing services in Chicoutimi, he might see your ad, wasting your budget in the process.