Prove Your Expertise With Google My Business Reviews

  • March 10, 2017

How to stand out from your competition with Google My Business?

The best advocate for your company's performance and distinction is your client base. Your customers are the primary beneficiaries of your product or service, allowing them to dictate the expansion, stagnation or regression of your business.

Consumers provide trust, loyalty and satisfaction. As a result, they have a direct impact on convincing someone else to adopt a new product, service or lifestyle.

I encourage you to ask yourself these two simple questions: What do my clients think of what I offer them? Is it mutually beneficial? If so, how can I find out and let others see that?

In today's digital landscape, tools like My Google Business can help demystify these observations. My Google Business act as an extension to your contact information, similar to an actual business card. It allows consumers the opportunity to locate your information quickly and efficiently. One of it's most practical features is the rating system and comment section - allowing you the ability to engage with your customers. Opinions are imperative for your business' success. Future prospects rely on this feedback to gauge whether or not your product or service suits their needs. Therefore, managing opinions and your reputation on the web is essential to your brand, purchasing behaviour and conversion rate of future customers.

Your customers are your best publicity, take care of them, make them happy, they will know how to return it, sometimes even without knowing.

Here's an example of our Google My Business page with different reviews for Facebook and Google My Business:

To all my customers, old, new, and future, a big thank you!

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to create your own Google My Business page, we will be happy to answer you!