Increase Your Local SEO with Google My Business

Fanny Sadoule
  • Nov. 17, 2016

Local searches are increasingly popular for consumers. Businesses can use them to improve their local web presence!

The Google My Business platform is ideal for companies that have a physical location open to the public. Business profiles can be customized with photos, reviews, virtual visits, etc. Moreover, when searching on mobile devices, My Business pages show up first!

Data collected during the 2016 Google Performance Summit, shows the advantages of using Google My Business.

Nearly 30% of mobile searches are related to geolocation of the user - local searches in particular increase by 50%.

Google estimates that 75% of users who conduct a local search will visit that establishment during the next 24 hours, and 28% of them will make a purchase.

Boost your local visibility

Google My Business displays the business' address, phone number, schedule, and customer reviews. Complete your Google My Business page by doing the following :

  • Make your business available to a large number of searchers. Google My Business pages are shown in Google searches and in Google Maps. 
  • View and modify your business information as needed ; updates are important for late openings, holiday closings, etc.
  • Stand out from the competition with virtual tours so people can see your location before they visit.
  • Get user reviews, manage them, and show them to your customers to develop online brand reputation. 
  • Always be visible on all devices (PC, mobile, tablet)
  • Have quality traffic on your website and in store. Using Google My Business will help you develop your local SEO and attract new customers.

Once your page has been created, describe yourself using carefully chosen keywords, share content , post special offers and inform your visitors of your status. Publishing new content and communicating with your customers is imperative!

Do not neglect your reviews. You'll be able to resolve problems by answering a negative review or thanking customers who left positive reviews. Responding to reviews allows you to manage your online reputation and this will send a positive image of your business to the users who view your page.

Analyse user behaviour with statistics

With Google My Business statistics, you can find out who your prospects and customers are, how they got to your page, and what their interactions are with your business. You'll also be able to know how many people have accessed your commerce from Google My Business.

Your business information is available on your sheet, allowing you to see who contacted you by phone, inquired about directions to your location, and the number of visits your website generated during the month.

In addition, you'll have access to Google My Business data, including the number of views and actions performed on your posts.

We highly recommend using Google tools to increase your online notoriety.

Please contact us should you require any assistance managing your Google My Business page, local SEO and virtual visits.