Why is Web Marketing Important for Car Sales?

  • March 21, 2016

Did you know that digital marketing changes consumer buying habits even in the auto industry? Surprised? Let me explain.

Our Marketing professionals noticed that these new buying patterns have been significant in the new and used car industry within the US and France.

According to a report conducted by CCM Benchmark Institute, 56% of internet users have visited web sites before purchasing their latest vehicle. While nothing replaces an actual on-site visit, future buyers become more and more informed when they walk in the door due to the accessibility of computers & tablets. According to the Wall Street Journal, an increasing number of car dealerships develop their own websites, giving their customers the ability to complete the majority of their transaction online.

This is a strategy that uses the Web Channel almost entirely!

AutoNation, one of the largest car retailers in the United States, gives its customers the option to customize vehicles and finalize credit requests via their website. Although, financing and leasing contracts are not yet available online (they're working on it), the time spent at the dealership has been reduced to an hour or less. Having a modern website is important for online retailers to create a positive customer experience and target new customers.

Winning strategy for all?

A successful digital marketing strategy is also essential for the automative parts industry. According to the CCM Benchmark Institute, 50% of car owners with internet access have already ordered car parts online. There is potential to tap into this market for business owners who sell parts.

Today's consumers are always looking for easier ways to purchase their products. Car dealerships and automakers have no choice but to move in that direction.

What purchasing path do you offer your customers? What are your online marketing strategies to increase your sales ?

See the Kia case study video.

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