• Nov. 7, 2016

Reference your Youtube account!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a marketing strategy used to position your website, pages, or videos within the first results on search engines.

Youtube is the most important video search engine. If used properly, it can enhance your online visibility. The goal is to optimize your videos so that they're easily found on Youtube, and on Google. The more precise the description, the easier it is for Youtube to suggest your video.

Increase your Youtube visibility with these easy steps:


Content is always important!  Choose quality over quantity. Learn what the target audience likes. The goal is for your video to be seen as much as possible, while remaining truthful to your brand and business.

Title and Description Choice

The video title should be in line with your audience's interests. Attract their attention by playing on their curiosity. Use keywords for the title and make them want to learn more. 

As for the description, experts agree that between 100 and 400 words are sufficient.

The URL must be in the beginning of your description and at the end of your social media. Your video can be used as a portal to your website, and to link to similar content on your site.

Keyword Choice

It's important to choose relevant keywords. Choose keywords that are used most often. Google can help you with a tool that can tell you the frequency of a particular keyword's use. The interface is in Google Adwords. Feel free to include synonyms of your keywords. Several solutions are available. You can use tools like Youtube Adwords, Google Trends, etc.

Tools to improve your video SEO

Youtube analytics for demographic data.

VidStatsX and SocialBlade to observe the competition and learn from it.

Youtube Trends for buzzwords and popular subjects.


These keywords help with the definition, positioning, favourite searches, images, documents, videos, etc.

They should be chosen carefully to increase the results of your video.

Use the most common tags. Our experts suggest between 5 and 10 tags maximum.

Video Length

The minimum length of a video should be one minute. You can definitely create longer videos, as long as you have enough content. Youtube uses specific criteria to show a video, such as number of appearances, time spent watching the video, number of likes, number of shares, and number of times it has been integrated on other websites. The first fifteen seconds are crucial for attracting your customer's attention.

Your Video and Social Media

Share your video as often as you can on social media. Select the social network associated to your Youtube account and it will automatically share when it's published.

These are the basics of SEO on Youtube. Video is an excellent tool to increase your brand, business and blog's reputation.

Share your video with as many people as you can!

The more it has been seen, the better your chances of a higher ranking on search engines!