2. How to Develop Your SEO Through Landing Pages?

Fanny Sadoule
  • Dec. 23, 2016


Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is a set of techniques that aim to optimize the visibility of a website in the pages of search results. Natural referencing is a "free" form of advertising as there is no charge for advertising space. However, in order to have successful results, one must invest a lot of time maintaining their advertisement, especially if their industry is competitive.

SEO can be worked through keywords, content on your website and inbound/outbound links (internal links to your site that redirect to another site and external links that redirect to your site).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) brings together SEO and SEA (Google Adwords).

What is on site and off site SEO optimization?

There are two types of referencing:

- On-site referencing: This includes all actions enforced to improve your website or blog positioning on the search engines.

For example: Title Tags Optimization, H1, H2, rich and relevant content, etc.

- Off-site referencing: This is what contributes to the quality referencing on your website and its ranking, not part of your website or blog.

For example: Referencing your site on online directories, strong presence on social networks, etc.

These two types of referencing work to enhance your website's positioning on search engines. Develop your referencing by optimizing your site, without neglecting your presence externally to achieve the best results.

How to optimize the SEO of your landing page?

The SEO landing pages are designed to improve the visibility of your website, thus, improving your referencing. A landing page on your site will aim to reference you on specific keywords related to your activity. When a user searches for a specific phrase or keyword, he/she can click on the corresponding page and will be redirected to a dedicated page containing many keywords related to their search.

We advise, creating highly targeted landing pages in terms that are specific to your industry to increase your visibility on search engines. Do not forget to link your landing pages to the general contents of your website using hyperlinks.

An SEO landing page must include multiple keywords and offer complete and elaborate editorial content; Users should be able to easily find a response to their question and search engine robots should be able to index the keywords and detect their relevance.

Optimized SEO

Respecting SEO's best practices will ensure an efficient landing page that is well positioned on search engines. Here's how to incorporate best practices to your business :

  • Title tag: Your page title must be unique and appropriate. It should not exceed 55 characters and must include your keywords.
  • H1 / H2 / H3 tags: These tags must correspond to the content they precede and summarize it.
  • Meta description tag: It is important to write an informative description on your pages and their content. Use your keyword to be well positioned on search engines.
  • Image title and alt attribute: Complete the title and the alt attribute of your images with a short description in the form of keywords. This allows you to provide information on the image to the search engines. Also, optimize the image's file name based on the keywords you want to work with.
  • Loading speed: Optimize the loading speed of your pages so that visitors can quickly access your site.
  • Keywords and associated landing pages: Add the keywords in your page to optimize your referencing. You will need to send users to your website pages that are associated with specific keywords.
  • Optimized URL page: Create a comprehensible URL and integrate relevant keywords by separating them with "-". Avoid using URLs that are too long.
  • Link your pages: SEO landing pages are pages of content allowing you to rank on search engines. It's very important to link the pertinent pages of your website to each other, this will allow them to have a higher ranking. To do so, insert hyperlinks on the specific keywords present on your pages.

High number of keywords

Furthermore, it's important to naturally integrate your keyword into the content of your page. Always remember that in this scenario, quality is better than quantity! 

Google robots are not only dependent on number of keywords present on a page. They also detect synonyms and associated fields. Your content is one of the main components of your page, do not neglect it! Always think of using diverse and quality vocabulary.

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