How Can Hootsuite Help Your Social Networking Strategy?

  • Sept. 30, 2016

Social media can be a very complex. Managing mediums separately makes it difficult to have a seamless and integrated strategy.

How can you display one message across the board?

At Cyberpublicity, we use Hootsuite!

Why choose Hootsuite?

Hootsuite, a Canadian platform, is used as a social media management tool. Hootsuite is a dashboard that allows you to manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts. It has over ten million users and has a variety of versions designed to help you whether you're a free, professional, or business user.

  • The Free version allows you to view social media on the Hootsuite platform.
  • The Pro version allows you to make the most of your time spent on social media.
  • The Business version is typically used for corporations and agencies. It's a way to manage all your teams' social media activities across the board using only one platform.

On top of a dashboard, Hootsuite also provides a greater ROI than if you use each media separately.

The advantages of using Hootsuite for a business:

  1. You'll be able to adjust your social media activity in real time using the analysis tool. Thanks to a variety of reports, you'll have a good understanding of your activity.
  2. When social media accounts are managed by more than one person, Hootsuite will reduce security risks by providing a secure connection, approval requests, and profile protection. Protect your business from hackers and your reputation with Hootsuite!
  3. Hootsuite manages your team's productivity within the social media world. You'll be able to centralize your management in one console, while giving your team the same ability for their workflow. This project management tool makes your life easier by having an alert system, workflow repartition (by area etc...) and information sharing capabilities.
  4. Hootsuite provides solutions adapted to your reality. There are over 150 integrated applications! Hootsuite will help you optimize your business practices across the board !

In short, Hootsuite can be extremely important for your business in today's digital age. We highly recommend it.

Do you need more information about Hootsuite? Let us know!