• Oct. 10, 2016

An Ad Group contains one or several Adwords ads, targeting a group of keywords or ads, that allows you to manage your ads with ease. You'll be able to manage the bids of one or several associated keywords.

Here's an example:

You have an online store that specializes in shoes available for men, women and children. You can create your ads as follows:

Shoe styles for women, men and children. Simply create Adwords campaigns called "shoes for women", "shoes for men" and "shoes for kids"

You can also assemble ad groups based on the style. Simply create Adwords campaigns  called "Boots", "Running Shoes", etc…

In the Ad group tab, you'll be able to adjust the bid for all the keywords in order to increase clicks or to pause the ad groups.

How to create an ad group?

Please view Google's video by clicking on the following link : https://youtu.be/gBC24yhYltU

If I have several ad types, do I need to create several ad groups?

The answer is yes! In order to optimize your ads, you'll need to group them. It makes it easier to stop campaigns, restart campaigns and analyze data. Furthermore, having a well structured campaign will help you increase your quality score!

It's important to create the maximum amount of Ad Groups. Optimizing campaigns can be done by creating an Ad Group per Keyword. It may seem cumbersome, but micromanaging your campaign can help generate good results. 

Here are a few strategies to optimize your ad groups:

  • Identify an Ad Group per Keyword (theme).
  • Add different titles and texts for your ads.
  • Remember to integrate your Keywords into the URL's that will appear on your ads.
  • Use a variety of targeting and the Ad Extension option to the Ad Group theme.

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