SEO VS SEA: Adversaires or Complementary?

Amandine Barrau
  • Oct. 27, 2017

According to a study conducted by Onecrew in 2016, the click rate for organic searches increases by 30% when accompanied by a paid advertisement on the Google network. Adversaires on the same Google page? We often think its is impossible to associate SEO and SEA.  But is this a mistake ? Can the two be combined in order to generate a more effective marketing strategy?

SEO: The long-term strategy

Search Engine Optimisation, rests on a number of factors: optimization, rich content and optimal usage. Attaining this criteria is the foundation of creating a website that is relevant for Google and internet users - the more Google likes your site, the higher it’s ranking and positioning on the search engine. SEO is a long-term strategy that requires constant attention and effort. Website content must be updated regularly and Google guidelines must be respected. It’s important to remember that the life of a website begins on the day of its launch, like a car it needs constant maintenance!

SEA: For immediate results

SEA is the solution for immediate short-term results.  SEA consists of Adwords campaigns limited by time and budget. Other than a budget, it’s important to have the necessary expertise to create efficient results as there is a cost for every click. Why choose to pay for ads when you can show up on search engines organically?

  • Ads are positioned higher than organic search results
  • Ads are efficient due to precise targeting
  • According to a study by IFOP for Ad’s up Consulting, "45 % of users click on publicity ads first".

Why use both methods?

SEO and SEA: A complementary relationship

Google Analytics allows users to know where their web traffic is coming from - direct, natural, or paid. You can easily make up for shortcomings with SEO by increasing bids on Adwords and vice versa, by lowering your Adwords budget on products already performing with SEO.

Adwords indirectly boots referrals because it naturally drives traffic to websites, increasing their clicks, visits and conversions.

Another advantage to combining both strategies are the statistical results. With Analytics it is impossible to identify the keywords internet users type to land on your site as it is blocked by "not provided". However, with Adwords, clients have access to user search history which allows marketing experts to build campaigns based on those specific keyword searches. Here are our recommendations for optimnal visibility:

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 9.32.31 AM copie (1).png

It is proven that sites appearing twice on search engines (in paid ads and organic) generate more attention and more clicks. When SEO and SEA are combined, they provide the most efficient marketing strategy.