The Importance of Localized Digital Marketing

Amanda Stramandinoli
  • Sept. 29, 2017

There are many factors to consider when launching digital campaigns due to the competitive nature of today's marketing industry - it requires constant attention and creativity. If you want a campaign that generates results, you have to think outside the box !

Local digital marketing is an efficient way of grabbing your target audience's attention and acquiring new business. However, it requires an unconventional approach. Here are a few tips that can help you target a local audience:

Create strategies that are unique to your brand

What makes you special ? Your content and marketing approach should showcase what you have to offer. Highlight what makes you different from your local competitors. Attract your audience through informative blogs that bring attention to your product or service. Published content on your website should include sales, promotional events and current news directly related to your business. You can keep your campaign organized with the the help of an editorial or social media calendar. These tools will serve as a reminder for maintaining and updating your campaign content.

Collaborate with influential partners

Many companies are using brand web influencers on youtube and instagram to drive brand awareness. Online vloggers and bloggers are the perfect way to get your business, service or product noticed. Partnering up with industry influencers in your area can help you generate local brand awareness. For instance, if you own a restaurant, reaching out to local food bloggers and vloggers will help you promote your company. Their followers will be exposed to your business and what you have to offer them.

Recognize when to call an expert

Maintaining marketing strategies can be quite challenging for small businesses. Often, there is no internal marketing expert, therefore, owners have the overwhelming responsibility of updating web content. Adapting to new technologies and trends takes time and industry experience. If you want to target local audiences but don't have the time, it's in your best interest to commission a marketing professional. Marketing firms have the tools necessary to help you tap into your local market and drive your brand awareness via social media.

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