How to Increase Your Sales With Facebook Ads

Amanda Stramandinoli
  • March 6, 2018

Are you struggling to convert your e-commerce browsers into actual customers? Facebook ads can help increase your conversion rate and profitability. Facebook has become the mainstream method for reaching target audiences through its advertising network. The reason for its success is due to the company's data collection process and user information. Facebook tracks user activity, likes, clicks, location settings, browser history, etc. Using profile information and data to optimize ads, Facebook can show the right ad to the right consumer.

Here are a few tips to help you engage your target audience through Facebook advertising:

Simplify your ad copy

Keep your content simple and easy to read.

  • When producing ad copy, the general rule is to keep it short and simple. Too much content will detour readers and result in lower click rates. 
  • Language and tone also play a role in effectively engaging consumers online. Refrain from using industry jargon! Your audience may not be familiar with these terms. Instead, keep the wording easy and straightforward. Simple content is more attractive to online, mobile and tablet users. 
  • Include your call to action in your ad heading. Again, make sure it's short and sweet! 

Target your audience

Create separate ad sets for specific audiences.

  • Facebook allows you to create two ads for two different audiences. You can also create the same exact ad and use it to target two different audiences. 
  • Facebook also allows you to create Lookalike Audiences to increase your potential reach. This can be done via your advertisement settings. You can target new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your existing clientele.

Ask questions

Ask your audience questions.

  • Ideally, your question should be incorporated in the ad headline. 
  • Asking consumers what they need is critical to identifying if your products or services are of interest to a particular audience and if you're showing your ads to the right audience.  

Make sure your visual content is on point

Use relevant images that grab the attention of your audience.

  • Make a statement with your ad images!

Keep your ads within budget

It doesn't matter how much you spend if your offer does not convert users. If your ad isn't optimized or relevant chances are your click-through-rate will be low. 

  • Test different budgets and strategies in order to identify what works best for your marketing campaign and to reduce your cost per click.
  • Engage customers with quality ads versus generic ads that consumers are already bombarded with.

If you are new to the Facebook advertising platform, try using the Audience Insights tool. It allows you to learn about audiences before you target them or waste your budget. It's pretty simple - Facebook shows you who your target market it is by using data from people who already liked your page.
Facebook advertising can be challenging even for people familiar with the site. If you need help with your Facebook campaign, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer you!