Adwords: Boost Your Web Traffic for Christmas

Amandine Barrau
  • Nov. 10, 2017

In 2016, more than one in four Quebecers planned to shop online for Christmas presents  (Conseil Québécois du Commerce du Détail, 2016). Whether web users are purchasing or browsing for merchandise, the volume of internet users on Google increases during Christmas. Due to the competitive nature of holiday shopping, it's important for online retailers to have optimal web visibility.

1. Create a specific campaign

Creating a custom campaign for Christmas is advantageous as budgets and characteristics can be modified from regular campaigns. Create ad groups and segment ads based on your sales goals for that period. You can then follow your campaign day by day. Feel free to program them to receive alert emails in order to be responsive.

2. Bet on the content of your ads

Your campaign ads should include a title, description, path and extensions. In order to remain ahead of the competition, this content must be tailored to the occasion, including keywords. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool which showcases potential inquiries that people search during Christmas. Don’t hesitate to include long-tail keywords to target the best users. For example, instead of "Christmas toy idea", use "Christmas toy idea for 8 year old boy". Extensions are also a valuable asset to put your strengths forward. You can read our article on the importance of extensions for some great ideas!

3. Maintain your website

The quality of your landing pages is important for your overall Quality Score given by Google Adwords regarding your ad. So, be consistent by proposing related content for Christmas. Refresh your content and design for the occasion by creating for special banners. The goal is for users to see an advertisement that is coherent with the website.

4. Stand out from your competition

Your sales strategy during the Christmas period should be a priority given the strong competition. Take advantage of your Adwords ads. Include ad extensions to highlight your strengths ; guaranteed delivery before December 24th, gift boxes, etc. The goal is to convince the user to click on your ad rather than your competitors.

Adwords is very effective to help you stand out from the competition at Christmas, but don’t forget give your customers relevant offers - it’s the key to successful conversions.