The Importance of Ad Extensions for Your Adwords Campaigns

Amanda Stramandinoli
  • Oct. 19, 2017

Ad extensions are critical to your Adwords campaigns and should not be neglected. Ad extensions allow you to add relevant content to your ads, resulting in more clicks, conversions and website traffic. Here are the most important extensions to use when creating your campaign : Callout extensions, sitelinks, structured snippets and price extensions.

Callout extensions

This extension makes it possible to highlight unique characteristics, such as, free delivery, 24/7 customer support, certifications and licenses.


Sitelinks extensions

The sitelinks extension allows you to display additional links in your ad - increases the number of clicks. Internet users are redirected to specific pages of your website, focusing on a specific service or product.


Structured snippet extensions

The structured snippet extensions allow you to showcase specific  features of your products and services. Simply select the category to which they each correspond and then list them. Several categories of headers are available: Styles, Templates, Destinations, Trademarks, etc.


Price extensions

This extension allows you to promote your offers and add the price of specific services or products. The user is redirected to this offer when he/she clicks on it, increasing the  chances of conversions on your website. This extension is particularly useful on mobile devices as it makes the purchase process quick and easy for the user.


Google estimates that including ad extension allows you to increase your CTR by 10 to 15%! which impacts your overall Quality Score. Using extensions that are relevant and of high quality will increase your click rate, drop your CPC and generate a better positioning than your competitors. If you were hesitating about the value of these extensions, we hope this has helped you better understand how important they are for your campaigns.

If your need help with your campaign's ad extensions, don"t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer you.