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Facebook Advertising: CyberPublicity Creates and Manages Your Campaigns to Reach Your Goals

With over 2 billion users recorded in June 2017, Facebook is an invaluable network of opportunity. Don't wait to invest. According to Alexa, Facebook is the third most visited site in the world!

Targeting, content and budget. Let the CyberPublicity's SEM experts create your campaigns for guaranteed results!

Be Present in the Daily Life of Your Prospects With Facebook Ads

According to Facebook data, the social network has 1.37 billion active users per day. These internet users navigate between their newsfeed, friends, media articles and advertisements. With accurate targeting, your ads appear based on relevance, specific user interests and demographics. Your publications are positioned on the right column, news feed, Instagram and Messenger.

Choose CyberPublicity for Targeted Facebook ads Within Your Budget

Our Social Media Optimization experts have effective methods for creating and managing your Facebook advertising campaigns:

Relevant Targeting

We target your audience according to socio-demographic criteria such as age, marital status and gender. We can also target audiences based on their interests. We even import your contact databases and remarket visitors to your site - targeting users who have already visited your website.

Choosing the Right Advertising Formats

​Photo, videos and slideshows. Our creations aim to optimize the engagement of internet users. We adapt the shape to the location: feed, right column, etc.

Total control of your budget

Our consultants manage your posts according to your budget. We can easily increase or decrease it depending on the context (product launch, low season, etc.)

Complete management of your account and performance monitoring

From the creation of your media content to publication, our experts manage your entire project. Our detailed reports inform you about the actions taken and results obtained. We adapt ads in real time so that they are always optimal.

What are the advantages of sponsoring on Facebook?

Cyberpublicity encourages you to invest in Facebook sponsorship to fulfill several objectives:

  • Maximize your business notoriety
  • Create engagement around your brand
  • Generate qualified traffic to your website
  • ​Encourage people to visit your physical store
  • Showcase your product catalogues and generate direct sales

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