Gmail Ads: Directly Target Your Prospects Via Their Emails
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Bet on Gmail Ads to Reach Millions of Users

With over a billion active users reported in 2016, Gmail has endless marketing opportunities. Recently, Gmail introduced an advertising format named GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion). This type of ad is advertised in Gmail personal inboxes and appears either under the "promotions" section or on the right side of your Gmail account.

Thanks to Gmail Ads, you can promote your offers by targeting the emails of your audience. Trust our Google specialists to build effective campaigns.

Gmail Ads: Directions

Gmail ads first appear in a small form at the top of your inbox. If the user clicks on it, it takes its final form and is similar to an email. You can integrate visuals, videos and forms inside your Gmail ads. When a user is on a mobile device, they can click on your ad and call you directly or access an application download platform.

There is a high chance of conversion through Gmail Ads because you're communicating with the internet user in his/her private environment. The cost is simple: you are billed when the user has clicked on the ad and has expressed interest in your offer!

Benefit From Precise Targeting

In addition to Gmail's popularity, targeting can be extremely accurate:

  • Focus on the affinity of your target audience with your industry
  • Opt for the right keywords
  • Only reach your customers
  • Establish demographic targeting
  • Reach your target in key moments of his/her life: moving, marriage, etc.

Once targeting is defined, Cyberpublicity ensures attractive and ergonomic advertisements. Trust our Gmail advertising experts to build your campaign and meet your goals.

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