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Who are we ?

As a digital strategy agency, CyberPublicity distinguishes itself by being a firm focused on the development of artificial intelligence systems for web marketing. The company was founded in 2011 by two millennial entrepreneurs ; Benjamin Paradis and Kevin Perry. CyberPublicity sets itself apart from competitors by providing innovative marketing solutions.

Prior to collaborating, both founders worked as consultants for large multinational technology companies. Their complementary skills and industry experience has allowed them to establish highly creative solutions - always remaining ahead of the competition. CyberPublicity continues to grow with branches operating in North America in their Montreal, Toronto and New York.

Experts in digital marketing, CyberPublicity is the ideal business partner to increase your web rankings and develop a results-driven marketing strategy. The majority of CyberPublicity’s operations are managed from its headquarters in Montreal. The company was previously located in the Google Montreal Offices also shared with Yahoo! Quebec. Montreal's bilingualism and abundance of skilled technological professionals make CyberPublicity's headquarter location the best base for its operations. As a result, CyberPublicity offers adapted state-of-the-art solutions to clients - always at the forefront of the best digital practices. We offer marketing strategies previously reserved for multinational companies, adapting them to our client's reality.

CyberPublicity is composed of like-minded individuals, passionate about their work and the organization they represent. We are a company that always puts human values at the heart of our strategy by offering creative and effective concepts we know will help you stand out from your competition and achieve your goals. CyberPublicity is constantly looking for people passionate about the web! Visit our Jobs & Internships section.

CyberPublicity obtains a level of satisfaction
high as 94,8% for its customers!