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In the past, social media was used as an alternative marketing tool. However, today it is absolutely critical to the success of your marketing plan. Social media helps your business shine in the digital age

What's a social strategy ?

So, you want to create a Facebook page and publish content occasionally? Social media requires a well thought strategy to generate real results. 

A social media strategy for a business consists of creating and implementing social media tactics that will optimize your online presence and help you connect with your customers. Planning is the key to success. This is why, it’s important for you to be guided, step by step. At CyberPublicity, we can help you reach your goals. 

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What are your goals ?

What are the goals you want to achieve for your brand through social media? What message,relationship, content do you want to create with your audience ? Do you want to recruit new employees, create an additional customer service space, increase brand awareness or increase your customer base ? Your objective dictates your performance indicators. Identifying your goals is where you need to start. 

Who's your target ?

Who are you trying to reach ? Depending on the age, habits, location and preferences of your audience, you’ll be able to develop content strategy and decide which platform you should choose. 

What content strategy should I adopt ?

In order to have an engaging conversation with your customers, it’s important to know what you want to discuss ! Depending on who your audience is, the tone, vocabulary and content will vary. The most effective strategy is creating content related to your target audience. Social media is a space where you can share content corresponding to your values, ambitions, etc. Your business is exposed, therefore, it’s important to reflect on your situation before you begin a dialogue. 

Post calendar

CyberPublicity can help you with implementing a posting calendar to manage your corporate social media. This includes: frequency, schedule, and content for days and user habits. This is how you’ll maximize results and solidify your relationship with your social media followers.

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