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In 2017, there was over 2.91 billion active internet users on social networks, equivalent to 39% of the world's population. Ignoring this potential market is a mistake. In today's digital landscape, companies are increasingly active on social media - it's the norm. Choosing the right social media strategie strategy is important. Trust our experts to provide you with an effective communication plan and ensure the proper management of your social media.

Build Your Strategy on Social Networks

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. Social networks are numerous and each provides a different type of target potential. The question is, which audience to target? Which media outlet to use? What subject to discuss? What tone? Let our Social Media Optimization experts build the best strategy for you:

1. Define your goals

​Increased visibility, traffic to your site, interactions, etc. The first step is to defining your goals and the means you want to deploy.

2. Define your target audience for a relevant presence

​Every social network engages its own type of user. Instagram targets a fairly young audience, often B2C, whereas LinkedIn connects professionals around B2B oriented topics. As a result, it's important to know the nature of your prospects in order to choose the appropriate networks to position yourself.

3. Creating a Content Strategy

​Your communication on social networks must be consistent with your brand platform. You have to set the tone, choose the right vocabulary and the topics you want to exchange.

4. Choosing an Editorial Calendar

​When to post your content? What time? How often? These are the type of questions that our SMO consultants can answer with a personalized communication plan tailored to your goals and your target audience.

Trust us with your Community Management

Publishing content, moderating comments, following good influencers, etc. Managing your social networks is a time-consuming task. CyberPublicity's SMO specialists maintain and manage your accounts, including:

  • Setting up accounts and custom design
  • Creating a content strategy
  • Publishing content in accordance with the editorial calendar
  • Moderating comments and opinions
  • Monthly maintenance to optimize your web reputation

Trust the management of your social networks to experts, don't wait!

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