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Cybermetrics and web analytics

Sometimes, knowing your customers' habits isn't enough. There are some business decisions that need to be made based on facts. With cybermetrics or web analytics, you'll discover an effective way to make decisions that will increase your revenue. Web analytics provide measurable data that equip you with the information you need to understand your industry and your target audience's behaviour. This information will also help develop marketing strategies that work! 

What is web analytics and why should I use it ?

In the past, the purpose of businesses websites was solely to present products without offering any other benefits. Today's reality is different. The internet is constantly evolving and expanding - being current with online trends is important for any business's commercial strategy.

Many companies make the common mistake of copying competitor web strategies - this isn't advantageous to your business !

In order to successfully invest in your business marketing strategy, it's crucial to understand the impact of YOUR digital data on YOUR business. It's imperative to analyze the results; there are as many different strategies as there are businesses, and you should be using one that fits YOUR specific needs.

CyberPublicity's methods :

We base decisions pertaining to your business on data that has been reviewed and analyzed, to make you a leader in your industry. We perform five important steps before deploying a strategy. They are as follows: 

In order to understand and interpret user' behaviour on your digital platforms, we use adapted analysis tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics).

Data collection
Our experts perform an exhaustive analysis of your data and your reality as a business. We'll get to know you through your digital content!

Collecting data is one thing, but it needs to be interpreted if you want to achieve tangible results. With numbers as a foundation, we will build strategies and interpret them for each individual situation.

Once the data has been interpreted, we'll work with you and recommend a solution suited to your business needs.

Action !
The most important step is implementing the solution ! This is when cybermetrics (web analytics) truly starts adding value to your organization.

Take the step towards an analysis of your business and guaranteed success. Contact us!

Grow your business with cybermetrics and web analytics.